About Adam Myerson

Adam Myerson is a professional cyclist and coach who specializes in criteriums and cyclo-cross. A former collegiate national cyclo-cross champion, he began racing as a junior in 1987, and has been a professional since 2003. He currently captains Team Mountain Khakis based in Winston-Salem, NC.

He is the founder and president of Cycle-Smart, Inc., President of the New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series, organizer of the Cycle-Smart International Cyclo-Cross, the oldest UCI event in North America, organizer of the Nor'easter 'Cross at Loon Mountain, a former member of the UCI Cyclo-Cross Commission, and a former member of the management committee of the International Association of Cyclo-Cross Organizers (AIOC-Cross).

He lives in Dorchester, MA, and is not currently accepting new clients.