I Blame The Patriarchy

This blog makes my head spin in that euphoric, ecstatic way I would imagine people who do drugs might experience. This post in particular stopped me in my tracks a few times and demanded I pause, right myself, and reread:


Outlandish and unrealistic, perhaps. But in the parlance of pop culture and in words the kids can understand, this blog reminds me that "there is no spoon."


When Twisty likens the patriarchy to experience of a dog who'd swallowed the equivalent of a handful of needles, it's the most effective analogy I've encountered of what it must be like to feel truly oppressed. To have had to swallow what's around you until it destroyed you from the inside out, until you'd tear at your own guts for relief. This, for me, is what I think it must be like to be black, female, poor, gay - anything other than the mainstream that set up the system, and for whom the system is set up. Once you see the system, you see that it's everywhere, in everything, and you run to the woods for solace from your own kind.

Some days I don't know if I'll find my solace in the heart of a big city, or the top of a lonely mountain. On the other hand, it's easy to hide in a crowded city and have the same experience you might at the top of a lonely mountain.

Thank god for the bicycle, the iPod, spinster aunts, and the internet.