Fall Clothing Order Open

You don't have to be a client or on our grassroots team to rock our kit. You just have to be awesome. Our Fall clothing order is open now, until July 27th, on BikeReg:

First day of summer means cyclo-cross is coming!

Cycle-Smart is happy to celebrate the opening days of summer with two big announcements: details for the 11th annual cyclo-cross camp, and revised cyclo-cross season coaching packages.

The Cycle-Smart Cyclo-Cross camp is arguably the original, most popular, and most emulated 'cross camp in North America. The camp's unique attraction lies in its beautiful setting, fun atmosphere, mix of ability levels and personalities, and the opportunity to learn and practice skills with some of America's best and most experienced 'cross racers and coaches.


The Long View

JD reminded me about this today, and asked if I still had it on hand. I wrote it sometime in the fall of 2001. It's nice to see how far we've come. It's also good to remember how far we have to go. I think a lot of people might not realize how hard we fought to create or acquire some of the items on this list, and how long ago we started. We shouldn't take them for granted, huh?

We called this the "Myerson Manifesto," which makes me giggle now.


List of Concerns for the Future of US Cyclo-Cross




When I Was Vegan

Check out this little blast from the past, sent along by Gary David. It's a scanned article written by Ben Hewitt from Outside Magazine in March of 2003. It came out just as I was starting my first year as a pro, at 30 years old, with 14 or so years of bike racing (and one retirement) under my belt already. Funny how things go.

Eric Weinrich

Check out this article on Cycle-Smart client, and former NHL workman Eric Weinrich. Eric works with Alec Donahue, and it's very special for us to be able to work with a professional athlete and coach with Eric's athletic experience and success. 

Congrats to Eric and Al on his continued athletic career!


Lee Waldman

For the past few months, Cycle-Smart Client Lee Waldman has been writing about training for 'cross and using a coach on Cyclocross Magazine. He finally 'fessed up to being one of us in his latest column! You can check it out here:

Thanks, Lee, and congrats to coach Ben Turner as well for a great relationship thus far. 



Cycle-Smart Grassroots Cyclo-Cross Team



Cycle-Smart Grassroots Cyclo-Cross Team Program Announced


BOSTON, Massachusetts (July 1, 2010) With cyclo-cross season close at hand, Cycle-Smart President Adam Myerson is opening up the doors to the Cycle-Smart’s grassroots cyclo-cross team. All of Adam’s personal cyclo-cross sponsors are on board to back the amateur program.


Cycle-Smart Spring Clothing Re-Order

Due to demand, we've opened up a clothing re-order of just jerseys and shorts, for the next week:

Act fast!


Every Day Is Monday

People ask me all the time what I do for work, or what a day looks like. It can seem like all I do is Twitter all day, since I'm never far from my phone, and I have a compulsive need to think out loud and overshare. But I'm _always_ doing 10 things at once. Taking pictures while riding, updating from lunch breaks, texting with clients about their workouts, making work lists while I fall asleep at night with my phone in my hand; when you own your own business and make your own schedule, you have a lot of flexibility, but you're ALWAYS at work.


Cycle-Smart Spring Clothing Order

Last week for the 2010 Cycle-Smart clothing order!

Our Spring Cycle-Smart clothing order will utilize the "classic" Cycle-Smart jersey design, clean, without sponsor logos. Additionally, thanks to support from our friends at Verge, we've been able to take 15% off the catalog pricing for each item.

Shipping is a $10 flat fee, and items will ship directly from Verge to you, saving at least a week in turnaround time.