On Tucson

I went to Tucson to train for the first time in 1994. That hit me a few weeks into my trip this year; it had been 20 years since my first winter there. Since then I've been a snowbird in a lot of other places: Gainesville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa, Austin, Athens, San Diego, Winston-Salem. But eventually, once I was a full-time rider again (and single), I started going back to Tucson every year. Of all the factors (weather, terrain, riding safety/accommodations, community), Tucson may not be perfect in any one area, but it has the highest overall score.


Still no time to blog

But my two months of Hot Animal Machine is underway. Lots of Rollins Band lately, corny as Rollins sometimes may be. He's always comforted me in a way that's different from The Smiths. Morrissey is good when you're not ready to cheer up and are still wallowing in it. Rollins is for when you've had enough of wallowing and are in the angry stage. "Shine" has been the theme song this week:

Shine - Rollins Band

If I listened to everything that they said to me I wouldn`t be here