I blame the patriarchy

Twisty killed it again:

Always leave’em wanting more

I want to e-mail her and ask her if she'd meet me for coffee while I'm on my way through Austin en route to Tucson next week. And I don't totally know why. She's become the Women's Studies professor I never had in all the classes I took at UMass or even at Smith. (You know what it's like being the one dude in a Women's Studies class at the women's college?) I feel like I just want her to know me, I want her approval, I want her to tell me I'm righteous and I get it and I'm on the right path and I'm not one of them, even though I'm one of them.

How unfair and self-centered is that to put all of that on her? But that's how much I've built her up, I think. I just want to go worship at the feet of the master. And considering the spiritual journey I'm going for the next two months (more on that later), I think it would be an amazing stop along the way.