Can't Touch This

I just compiled the overview of the Team Mountain Khakis results for Speedweek for one of our sponsors:

Athens: 2nd Hekman, 9th Myerson
Roswell: 1st Soladay, 9th Hekman
Beaufort: 1st Soladay, 3rd Hekman, 9th Myerson
Walterboro: 8th Hekman
Spartanburg: 4th Hekman
Dilworth: 6th Hekman, 10th Soladay
Sandy Springs: 7th Soladay, 10th Hekman

1st Overall, Hekman
5th Overall, Soladay
15th Overall, Myerson

1st Overall Laps Lead: Soladay
3rd Overall Laps Lead: Hekman

1st Overall, Team GC, over Team Type 1 and Fly V Australia


For the 4 riders that did all 7 stages (me, Soladay, Hekman, Guttenplan), I haven't done all the math but I think we made about $2000 a piece total. That must be where this goofy smile is coming from:

Thank god for criteriums, and thanks to Swagger for giving us such an awesome opportunity to earn a living racing our bikes with Speedweek and the USA Crits Series. I'd do this every single week if I could. Even if I did get swine flu and not eat for a day in the middle.

All in all it was obviously a huge success. There were a couple of negatives that kept us from killing it even more. Tom, Mark and I are still learning how to sprint together after Tom and I really got it dialed last season. Wednesday night I got food poisoning which left me with DNF's on Friday and Saturday, and dropped me from 7th to 15th place overall. Tom crashed Friday night in Spartanburg with 2 laps go to, which dropped him from 2nd to 6th place overall. That was really the turning point, that Friday night. We went into the race with 1st, 2nd, and 7th overall, and walked out with one guy who could barely get out of bed and another laying on the ground after being off the front all night again.

Like Hekman said, though, if you had told us before the start of the week that for those sacrifices we'd still walk away with two stage wins, the individual, team, and lap leader overalls, we'd have been pretty psyched about that. So psyched we are.

Nice job, boys.



that's pretty solid to be

that's pretty solid to be able to rally like that with crashes and the obvious result of a vegan eating at the awful house. these "speedweek" events are fun to follow...and as for swine flu? here's a link that shows why yu should all stop hating and realize that you can make this thing work for you. by the way, what have you done with szczepanski? did he finally run off with newt gingrich ? mia...totally glad your back from death's door bs