Thanks, guys!

I suppose it was my fault for being far enough back to get stuck behind this:

What you can't see is that I've just rolled away from those guys in disgust. I went from being on Hekman's wheel with 1 lap to go to slamming on my brakes and bunny hopping douchebags laying in a pile who thought 30th place was worth crashing for. If you can't bump into the person next to you at 30 mph without crashing, maybe you shouldn't start NRC races, kids. I didn't hit the ground, but I did use someone's carbon wheel as a launch ramp, and then came to a complete stop.

Mark and I were definitely farther back than we wanted to be and were riding waves, just trying to stay together. Tom had just picked Mark up and was taking him through the mess after making some huge attacks in the last 5 laps. Mark made it through the scrum and Tom got him back up to the tail end of the sprint for 4th place.

Thanks for my awesome teammates for saving the day yet again. One thing that's been really exceptional this year is the way I have so many other teammates I can depend on to get results. I'm used to being the one who makes all the money and who has to come through in the clutch. To have such solid, reliable guys who can win races, who can deliver on a regular basis, it's more than I could ask for. On days I get a stomach flu, or stuck behind a crash, or just have terrible legs like I did on Saturday in Wilmington - to have days like that and still be part of a team that gets results and puts money in my pocket - all I can say is thanks, guys.