I couldn't help myself!

I knew this would most likely get deleted, so I grabbed a screen shot. 15 whole minutes it was up there before Hunter deleted it:

I mean, I love Hunter. He's an old friend, and I have friends on Fly V, but how could I not call this one out? Is O'Neill going to be there to provide dieting advice to the campers?

Don't work with or hire dopers if you're not prepared to get shit for it.




*ZING* Classic, props...

*ZING* Classic, props...

So, Adam, Hunter is a long

So, Adam, Hunter is a long time friend of mine and I would never do this to anyone that I call a "friend" in public. Have you considered that maybe the team sent the riders there on a sponsorship thing? I considered the camp myself, but there was never any advertisement about the FLY V guys even coming, so not sure if that he planned on them coming or not. Oh, since your not my friend, I have heard on the grapevine that you are a serious pot smoker and have been for a long time. Aren't you a doper too then? I am sorry, but I don't condone doping anymore than the next guy, but to say something 'flip' like this to a longtime 'friend' you say.... I am glad I am not your friend. Bobby P.S. I'll be sure to get a screenshot of this before you delete it and post it on my blog as well. Bring on the lawyers asshole.

Adam a serious pot smoker?

Adam a serious pot smoker? That's some funny stuff. Take it from someone who knows him better than just about anyone, you have been misinformed on that one. And just so you look a little less idiotic next time you try to use a colloquialism, it's 'through the grapevine' not 'on.'

bobby, you're thinking of

bobby, you're thinking of adam sandler. different adam. less funny.

Bobby's not Fun Bobby at

Bobby's not Fun Bobby at all. Bobby's a douchebag.