Every Day Is Monday

People ask me all the time what I do for work, or what a day looks like. It can seem like all I do is Twitter all day, since I'm never far from my phone, and I have a compulsive need to think out loud and overshare. But I'm _always_ doing 10 things at once. Taking pictures while riding, updating from lunch breaks, texting with clients about their workouts, making work lists while I fall asleep at night with my phone in my hand; when you own your own business and make your own schedule, you have a lot of flexibility, but you're ALWAYS at work. For me, generally, I'm the most productive in the morning before I train and before I'm ready to really deal with humans, and then late at night, from after dinner until about midnight. I love working from 9 pm-12 am, because I can send a lot out without triggering immediate responses.

When you're trying to train 20-30 hours a week on top of running a business 20-30 hours a week, it means there are no days off. Recovery days from training are full work days for Cycle-Smart, never mind trying to squeeze in real life. Last night I forced myself to put the lap top away, and meet a friend for two whole drinks, the first I've had in weeks. Oh right, you want to know what I had, don't you?

SWEETWATER BSP QUAD – 11% – 12oz $5.00

Dried and dark fruits abound. Apricot, plum, raisin, fig and nougat explode through each sip with warming alcohol in the finish. Spicy Belgian yeast adds an additional dimension along with herbal hops.

NEW BELGIUM LA FOLIE – 6% – 12oz $6.50

Tart cherry sourness greets the nose and dances on the tongue. Viniferous woody notes yield to dark fruits and hints of caramel malt. Delicious and very rare!

So now it's Friday. I haven't seen Janice in weeks, I have my first race of the season tomorrow, and the first Friday all to myself since I left Tucson. And here's how I'm spending it:

1. Finish clients

2. Set up Nikki

3. BLOG!

4. Set up Ben's clients

5. Budget for Loon

6. Race blog

7. Register for race

8. Glue tubulars

9. Pay coaches/accounting

10. Tifosi order

11. New Bikereg clothing order

12. Ship DVDs

It's going to be 75 here in Athens today, so I definitely will spend 2 hours easy on the bike, and get a nap in there, too. I will definitely NOT finish everything on this list, even if I work until midnight.

Every day is Monday, motherfuckers.



This is a cool post cause,

This is a cool post cause, in one paragraph, you sort of chrystalized both a fundamental part of the basic "make-up" of the typical self employed via small biz person, as well as how this social media revolution thing amplifies some of those aspects of "control freak cant sit still like to talk/share" types that feel compelled to make their own way in the world. It may seem like twittering life away, but when the "business" phone rings, or email comes in, at 730PM, it gets answered. I don't understand how people working normal jobs can turn all that off at 5PM at leave it at work. Anyway, nicely done (in fewer words then I used...)