Wednesday I fly to Dallas.

Thursday I race the final USA Crits event in Dallas.

Friday I fly home to Boston.

Saturday morning I drive to Vermont and race the first Verge Series event.

Sunday I race the second Verge race in Vermont and drive back to Boston.

Monday I do a week of work in a single day, and take Janice to a Red Sox Game.

Tuesday I fly to Vegas. Tuesday night I go to the Lazer party.

Wednesday morning I go to Interbike. Wednesday night I race 'Cross Vegas.

Thursday morning at 2 am (after the race, basically) I take the redeye back to Boston, landing at noon.

Thursday afternoon I drive to Lincoln, NH.

Friday I tweak the course for the Nor'easter, which is set up Thursday.

Saturday I run (and race) the Nor'easter.

Sunday morning I drive back to Boston. Sunday afternoon I race the Boston Crit.

Monday I stay in bed until dinnertime.


Oooh I've seen this show

Oooh I've seen this show before, it means my one chance of beating you this year is at Loon. Awesome!