Our "OK" Grassroots Team!

New for 2012, we're gonna try and keep you updated on the results for our national Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team. We've got over 60 riders across the country getting it done in multiple classes. We figured you should know more about it.

Jason Pratt from our Oklahoma team reports that "It was a Cycle Smart clinic at our first Oklahoma race of the year," with Jason taking the win and FIVE CSGRT riders in the top 10:

1 - Jason Pratt

4 - Steven Cate

5 - Steve Smith

6- Greg Saxon

8- Jared Christie

My old manager Chris Duroy, and former teammate, Steve Cate, both from Sharper Image/Mathis Brothers, are on our Oklahoma team, and it's a real treat for me to have those guys racing in a Cycle-Smart kit after all these years. Winning is nice. Friendship is even better.

Congrats, guys!