First day of summer means cyclo-cross is coming!

Cycle-Smart is happy to celebrate the opening days of summer with two big announcements: details for the 11th annual cyclo-cross camp, and revised cyclo-cross season coaching packages.

The Cycle-Smart Cyclo-Cross camp is arguably the original, most popular, and most emulated 'cross camp in North America. The camp's unique attraction lies in its beautiful setting, fun atmosphere, mix of ability levels and personalities, and the opportunity to learn and practice skills with some of America's best and most experienced 'cross racers and coaches.

Camp dates are August 19-21st, and more info is available here:

While 'cross camp is an opportunity to focus on skills, we know more and more, our clients are focusing on 'cross as their primary discipline, and ready to start specific training for season earlier each year. To that end, we've modified our coaching packages this year to accommodate an earlier start, and carry through to the new January nationals date.

More info here:

For questions on either item, contact us at